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aluminium inductor products

Why Aluminium?

  • Aluminium is currently (2012) half the cost of copper per kg and is likely to remain so
  • For a product of equal resisitance to a copper alternative aluminium components use half the weight
  • Using aluminium therefore reduces the cost of materials to ¼ of the comparable amount of copper required for a copper component, leading to a significant reduction in final cost.
  • Connections are via tinned copper strips or flexible leads
  • Although alunimium is approximately 1.6 times the volume of copper for the same resistance this can often be compensated by the packing factor of aluminium foil windings.
  • If component size is of strategic importance please telephone to discuss your requirements

Air Cored Chokes and Iron Cored Chokes For Thyristor and IGBT protection and current sharing, pulsed laser power supplies and as components in electronic and electrical systems.

Inrush Limiting Inductors Used for current inrush limiting on capacitor banks in power factor correction systems (up to to 15KV system voltage).

Harmonic Filter Inductors Up to 15KV system voltage used in factories and ships.

High Power, High Frequency Transformers Used in invertors on trains and other traction systems to change DC to regulated AC. Transformers up to 40 KVA (weighing only 14 KG) have been produced o work in arduous conditions at high ambient temparatures.

Magnet Coils For scientific instruments, particle physics, packaging equipment etc. (Up to 1.25 metres diameter and 600 KG in weight).

Focus Coils For high output X-Ray equipment and particle accelerators etc.

Magnetic Levitation Coils For MAGLEV vehicles (aluminium windings are half the weight of copper for the same resisitance).

Foil Windings Wound with aluminium or copper foil.

High Current Transformers Low voltage transformers can easily be produced for currents up to 3000 AMPS continuous.

Litz Coils and Litz Wire Produced in-house for low loss high frequency, high current inductors and coils used in inverters, drives, and induction heating systems (litz wire is multi-insulated stranded conductor used to control high frequency losses) up to 600 AMPS continuous.

Water Cooled Litz Windings Produced in-house for compact inductors, enabling reactive powers of several MVAr to be achieved.