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Electro inductor products

With more than 50 years experience in coil winding Electro inductors Ltd together with its subsidiary Aluminium Inductors Ltd has earned international recognition of its expertise in the field for quality and design. We offer a bespoke service and specialise in small to medium batch and production.one-offs.

We are always pleased to discuss your requirements and invite you to call us on +44 (0) 208684 6100

Coil Winding

General coil winding and associated items produced using our wide variety of machines and processes. Our speciality is perfect layer winding using copper wire as in the picture. Perfect layer or orthocyclic windings are produced by laying each turn of wire into the groove of the turns underneath. It is the most space efficient type of winding using round wire and has the best thermal conduction through the winding.

Superconducting windings

We have produced perfect layer superconducting coils up to 40,000 turns of 0.3mm superconducting wire where.it is essential that superconducting windings are perfectly layer wound in order to minimise the stress on each turn and prevent quenching.

Contactor coils, relay coils, brake coils and clutch coils

Wound in all sizes using bobbins supplied by customer, made in-house, or bought in. For lifts/elevators, escalators and other equipment and machinery.

We supply hand wound specialist toroidal windings

Bobbins fabricated in-house

Vacuum varnish impregnation system using solventless 180 degrees centigrade continuous polyester varnish