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aluminium inductors ltd has been providing a highly specialised design and manufacture service since 1964 and is a wholly owned subsidary of Electro inductors Ltd.

Winding facilities:

  • Aluminium and copper foil winding machines for 10 - 2500 amps continuous rated windings (up to 2000mm. sq. cross-section)
  • Heavy strip winding machines
  • Various wire winding machines from 0.04mm to 5mm capability
  • Litz wire machines to twist wire from 0.2mm to 2mm strand size, and 0.2mm sq. to 175mm sq. cross-section area
  • Coils would from 5mm to 1250 mm diameter, and up to 600kg in weight, both air cooled and water cooled

Finishing facility: Solventless vacuum varnish impregnation for units up to 300kg in weight, vacuum epoxy impregnation for items up to 200 kg., fluidised bed epoxy coating for items up to 20kg, and epoxy potting for coils up to 600 kg.

Machining/Fabrication: Frames, bobbins and jigs for the above items. Turning and general fabrication of SRBP, aluminium, epoxy fibreglass sheet etc. including Class H (180º C) materials and above.

Testing facility: Continuous testing of coils, inductors, and transformer up to 100kva, up to 1000 amps DC, up to 500 amps AC. Flash testings of windings up to 5kv AC and 12KV DC (up to 45KV impulse). Wayne-Kerr inductance analysers to measure inductance and resistance from 20HZ to 300KHZ.